On 2016-10-31, at 2:28 AM, René J. V. Bertin wrote:
> Probably an open door, possibly a forbidden one: it may be relevant here to 
> block concerned ports at the latest supported version for legacy platforms? 

Although I think not needed for libsdl2 (which builds and works without issue 
on 10.6.8), this idea is a good one, needed, and in fact was about the first 
post I ever made on macports.

(trac is down again, or I'd reference the post from about June).

A collection of ports pegged to the 'last working' version is absolutely needed 
to make macports work on 10.4, 10.5, and 10.6. 

One Raimue explained how to do this, I set this up for my own use a while back, 
and shared it on github for others to use:


These are three shadow repos for such 'last known working' ports for these 
systems (and also a few fixes to allow some ports to work on these os versions 
that were never accepted into svn for one reason or another).


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