David Evans wrote:

> However, sdl/sdl2 provides the only audio/video outdev that we support in
> MacPorts which means that if you have to have one or the other. Without an
> outdev, ffplay will not be configured/built and you'll have no direct way to
> play audio/video with ffmpeg.

It's been too long since I configured and built ffmpeg for my own purposes, but 
is SDL really the only outdev that's feasible to support on 10.6 ? I would have 
assumed that there was a "more native" option, based on OpenGL for instance, 
I can be wrong.

That said, if ffplay is the only casualty when SDL is lacking, then maybe 
a reasonable concession to make in order to keep supporting other unsupported 
versions (and platforms)? I know, it's a useful little tool for taking a quick 
look at or listen to content that cannot be opened by QuickTime, but I don't 
think that's a huge collection given Perian still works perfectly on 10.6 .

Probably an open door, possibly a forbidden one: it may be relevant here to 
block concerned ports at the latest supported version for legacy platforms? 
That's the formal implementation of the advice given above (for port:ffmpeg) 
to update the port, but has the advantage that users will still be able to use 
`port selfupdate && port upgrade outdated` without manual intervention. It'd 
also give dependents more of an incentive to print a proper error - they can 
then check on a known OS version or platform type instead of having to figure 
the installed version.


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