2016-10-30 1:23 GMT+02:00 Ryan Schmidt <ryandes...@macports.org>:
> If sdl2 can be built on Snow Leopard using a copy of the 10.7 SDK obtained 
> from a later Xcode, and that sdl2 then works ok on Snow Leopard, then I'd be 
> happy if we could come up with an official way to support that, and then we 
> could do that on the buildbot, which would cover a lot of users' needs.

>From libsdl's wiki (http://wiki.libsdl.org/Installation#Mac_OS_X):
"SDL2 has dropped support for PowerPC Macs and OS X versions older
than 10.5 (SDL 1.2 still supports PPC and 10.0, though)."
Which implies that 10.5 is still supported, and indeed they describe
the Mac binary download as "Intel 10.5+"
Libsdl2 not building on 10.6 is either a bug in MacPorts, a bug in
libsdl2 or a bug in libsdl's documentation.

Best wishes.
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