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The only solution offered by the developer of DetectX was to tell DetectX to ignore changes to macports plist files.

That seems to defeat the purpose of DetectX.

DetectX is supposed to warn you of possible nefarious changes to your system. Choosing to ignore a possible problem is no solution.

There is no rational explanation for the DetectX claim that the postgresql83-server launchd plist is changing repeatedly. That file is gone: you removed the port. Unless you are repeatedly installing and uninstalling the postgresql83-server port, that file IS NOT flashing in and out of existence.

I don't use DetectX so I can't say for sure, but it seems to me that this behavior is consistent with it having a saved state of some sort against which it is comparing the current state. In other words: DetectX remembers that the postgresql83-server plist was there before, and sees that it isn't there now.

If that is a correct guess about how DetectX works, then there should be some way to update the saved state to accommodate the disappearance of a file without permanently ignoring a whole class of similarly situated files.

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