I also had problems on Mojave, since at least cctools was expecting a 
MacOSX10.14.sdk in 
 on Mojave there’s only the 10.15 SDK.
I had XCode 10.something and updated yesterday to 11.latest; that needed some 

Since I didn’t find a way to install a 10.14 SDK, I just made a symlink to the 
10.15 SDK under the name of MacOSX10.14.sdk, and it works so far!
All the ports that didn’t compile previously, like cctools, ImageMagick, 
Inkscape (maybe unrelated) and MariaDB10.* ran through.

Greetlings, Hraban

BTW: Hello Mojca! ;)

> Am 2019-11-09 um 10:39 schrieb Ruben Di Battista <rubendibatti...@gmail.com>:
> Ehi Mojca,
> Thanks for the message. :)
> I managed to fix it. I got confused because recently I updated Xcode, but in 
> facts the problem was completely unrelated: I had a project header file named 
> “math.h”. :) Very noob mistake! Interestingly enough, this bug does not 
> pop-out on Linux (using GCC).
> So I just renamed “math.h” to a custom name, and now everything is back as 
> before (Ah, pay attention! Most of macOS systems have a case-insensitive 
> filesystem… I firstly renamed the file from “math.h” -> “Math.h”, but it 
> didn’t work either and it took a while to realize that on macOS “math.h” and 
> “Math.h” are the same if the FS is case-insensitive.

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