> Am 2019-11-09 um 17:45 schrieb Ryan Schmidt <ryandes...@macports.org>:
>>> That is a bad idea, pretending a 10.15 SDK is a 10.14 one could lead to 
>>> unforeseen side effects. So this is not something we recommend anyone does.
>> I’m a cowboy coder ;)
> Well, please revert the change so that it doesn't cause you trouble, since we 
> don't want to receive tech support questions in the future that might arise 
> from it. 

Ok. Don’t worry.

>>> Have you tried installing the CLT ? That should provide a 10.14 SDK that 
>>> the latest MacPorts release will use. 
>> I thought CLT was installed with XCode.
> It was prior to Xcode 4. These days it is a separate install. We recommend 
> you install it. 
>> I tried now and it didn’t change the SDKs.
> It won't change which SDKs are available in Xcode, but it will install a 
> separate SDK that matches your OS version in the CLT directory. Now that 
> you've installed the CLT, whichever port(s) you have installed that contain 
> baked-in references to Xcode 10's 10.14 SDK will have to be rebuilt so that 
> they instead use either Xcode 11's 10.15 SDK (if the port says "use_xcode 
> yes") or the CLT's 10.14 SDK (if not). 

Ah, thanks. I didn’t find them, let’s hope it’ll work.

Best, Hraban

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