Hi Shawn,

So you are saying that Samantha and, presumably also Tom, since he is part of 
vocalizer expressive, are still suppose to be available under Mavericks? That 
is very interesting. I wonder if there is a way to delete the old files and 
somehow reacquire them, although I didn't think I saw Samantha or Tom in the 
list of voices in the customize dialogue under text to speech in the system 
preferences. Will look again. I've heard a lot of good things about these 
expressive voices. Thus far, I have tried Allison and Susan, and I prefer 
Samantha on my i-devices and, of course, Alex. I also prefer the Russian voice 
on my iPad to the ones available on the Mac. But I don't think Apple is going 
to care much what I prefer. <smile>

Mary Otten

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