Thanks, Shawn. I don't know why, perhaps because voice over is on? But when I 
went into finder as you described, and down to the individual voice folders, 
the system isn't letting me delete. I get the ding when I try to do that. Even 
opening a folder and then a subfolder within that folder, e.g. Samantha, and 
trying to get rid of an individual file, gives me the ding. There must be some 
setting I have to change somewhere to enable deletions? Wasn't there some 
change in mountain lion or lion that restricted user access to some folders 
that had been accessible under earlier versions of osX?

I am not one who feels particularly comfortable messing in the guts of the 
system. But deleting various voices that I'm not using or can't use seems 
harmless enough if I could just get it to work.


Mary Otten

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