I finally got around to this and tried your steps last night. Worked fine except when I brought up the Actions menu, I must have selected delete all for that is what happened. But TM did a new backup so its good. It was a rather convoluted process but worked fine. Thanks much.

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  Are We Alone in the Universe?

On 7/17/2016 7:49 PM, Tim Kilburn wrote:

Similar process.

1.  Up to the Extras menu and choose Time Machine.
2.  Select Enter Time Machine.

This will automatically bring you to the newest Time Machine backup.  To access 
older ones...

3.  Use the Window Chooser (VO-f2-f2) and choose Time Machine Controls.

There will be a Vertical Slider in this Controls window where you can go 
through the backups you have, or you can press the Previous button to go back 
through them.  When you have the date and time of the backup you wish to 
remove, or use in some other fashion, use the Window Chooser to get back to the 
other window once again.  If you wish to remove the entire backup for that 

4.  Go to the Sidebar, under Devices and choose your computer.
5.  Interact with the Scroll area and select your HD.
6.  Up to the Toolbar, under the Actions menu and choose Delete this Backup.

Should do the trick.


Tim Kilburn
Fort McMurray, AB Canada

On Jul 17, 2016, at 16:18, E.T. <ancient.ali...@icloud.com> wrote:

  Ok selecting Enter TM opens a Finder window. Makes sense now. But rather than 
choosing folders, how do you choose a time line to delete, say the oldest week 
or month's worth of backups?

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 Are We Alone in the Universe?

On 7/17/2016 11:51 AM, Tim Kilburn wrote:

From the Time Machine area that you mention here, you can delete backups of 
specific folders or files.  For example, from the Finder, press cmd-shift-h to 
open your Home folder, then go up to the Time Machine extras menu and activate 
the Enter Time Machine item.  As long as your Time Machine disk is available, 
you'll hear a few swishes and ticks, then a new window will open displaying the 
same list of folders in your Home folder, but this one is your Time Machine 
versions of these items.  So, if you wished to delete all the old backups of 
your iTunes folder, you'd open the Music folder, select the iTunes folder, then 
navigate to the Toolbar and interact with it.  In the Toolbar, there is an 
Action menu item, VO-space on that and choose Delete All Backups of this item.  
Therefore, all previous backups of your iTunes folder will be deleted, freeing 
up space.  The iTunes folder should start backing up again on your next Time 
Machine cycle.


Tim Kilburn
Fort McMurray, AB Canada

On Jul 17, 2016, at 10:53, E.T. <ancient.ali...@icloud.com> wrote:

Tim and others,
 I do not think this was mentioned. If TM is on menu extras (enabled in Time 
Machine preferences), there is a menu selection labeled Enter Time Machine. In 
this window that displays are the time lines.

 I know one can delete TM backups here but how, I have not figured out. My TM 
drive is not near full so have no need but this would be good information.

From E.T.'s Keyboard...
Are We Alone in the Universe?

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