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> On Friday 04 September 2009 13:16:32 ext-mox.so...@nokia.com wrote:
>> There are extremely few QT applications to try out in Maemo 5. And so far,
>> I haven't seen one that would really "feel" like true Maemo 5 application.
> I don't think anyone was talking about that. The question was whether it makes
> any difference (UI-wise) if you use 'regular' GTK/Hildon or Qt. Maemo 4 to 5
> migration is a related, but markedly different issue. The framework can
> restyle some UI elements or default dialogs, but it cannot change a hardcoded
> layout or general workflow (nor is it supposed to).

Putting aside the issue of whether stuff happens automatically or
manually; is it possible to show some screenshots of Qt apps on Maemo
5 looking like a Maemo 5 app, particularly in the areas of:

  * Dialogue boxes (at bottom, buttons at right)
  * Kinetic scrolling/panneable areas
  * Finger-friendly app menus

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