>>>>> "BB" == Bill Bradford <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    BB> One thing I"ve had to do when moving lists between machines
    BB> (both running 2.0.9/10), is "newlist" the lists on the
    BB> destination machine, then overwrite the
    BB> $prefix/lists/$listname directories/files and
    BB> $prefix/archives/private/ $listname files with the tarballs I
    BB> made from the machine currently hosting the list.

    BB> If I *dont* do this (newlist, then overwrite the "empty" list
    BB> info files with the "real" stuff), I get errors about the
    BB> lists not existing.

When do you get this error?  Note that it may be a virtual host
mismatch.  Do you still get this error after running fix_url?  That's
a crucial step.

    BB> Am I doing something wrong?  I've moved one particular list
    BB> twice now, using this method, with no problems...

It shouldn't be necessary, but it's been a long time since I moved a
list between machines.


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