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>   AL> When other sites will upgrade, if they generate lots of
>   AL> traffic, it will be a pain to filter the posts by hand...
> Sigh, you can't win, can ya?

I'm sorry, but I'll take a hard line here. If you're filtering messages THE
WRONG WAY (using Sender instead of List-ID), then you shouldn't complain
that it breaks because you're using a header line in a way it's not intended
to be used for. The whole purpose of List-ID is identification and
filtering. Sender isn't. That Sender was used for that doesn't mean it
SHOULD be used for it when the proper tool is there.

This is a case of yelling about "how I want things to be", not "how things
should be". And I just can't work up much angst over non-standard personal
preferences that are in conflict with the supported standards...

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