>>>>> "BAW" == Barry A Warsaw <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    BAW> If this message goes through, it's a good sign the upgrade
    BAW> went well. :) If so, I'll post instructions momentarily.


Okay, migration when pretty smoothly.  Here's what I did.  Note that
we're using Exim 4.something and Apache 1.3.something on python.org.
I'm assuming you've got some list under MM2.0.x and you want to
migrate it to MM2.1.  Let's assume further that you have both
versions installed on the same machine, in different locations.

- First set your MTA to only accept incoming mail from localhost.  You
  do this because you don't want messages coming in for your list
  while you're moving it.  In Exim4 (and I believe Exim3), the magic

  local_interfaces =

  and restart.

- Turn off your web server, for the same reason.  You want your
  databases to remain quiescent during the move.

- Now let MM2.0.x's qrunner clear its qfiles directory.

- Do the following:

  % mv $prefix20/lists/mylist $prefix21/lists
  % mv $prefix20/archives/private/mylist $prefix21/archives/private
  % mv $prefix20/archives/private/mylist.mbox $prefix21/archives/private
  % rm $prefix20/archives/public/mylist
  % rm $prefix20/archives/public/mylist.mbox
  % cd $prefix21
  % bin/withlist -l -r fix_url mylist

- Edit your web server to redirect the old url to the new url.  For
  Apache, I used

  RedirectMatch /mailman/(.*)/mylist(.*) http://dom.ain/mailman-21/$1/mylist$2
  RedirectMatch /pipermail/mylist(.*)    http://dom.ain/pipermail-21/mylist$1

- Restart your web server

- Do any changes to your MTA to make sure mylist aliases point to the
  MM2.1 wrapper (this is automatic with the nice Exim config hacks).

- Turn on the public interface for your MTA and restart.

That's it.

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