On 03/19/2015 10:39 PM, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
> Andrew Stuart writes:
>  > and does it matter what other addresses go into to and cc fields.
> It doesn't matter for mechanical purposes.  To, CC, and BCC are all
> routed the same way (using RCPT TO aka "envelope recipient" at the
> SMTP level), and To and CC are handled the same way by almost all
> receiving MUAs (BCC is, of course, as invisible to the receiving MUA
> as it is to the human).

There is one case with Mailman lists where it matters, at least in MM
2.1, but I think MM 3 too.

If a list member has 'avoid dups' set and that member is a Cc: addressee
of a post, that member will not receive the post from the list AND that
member's address will be removed from the Cc: list of the post delivered
to the other list members. This is not the case if the member is a To:
adressee; the member's list copy is still suppressed by 'avoid dups',
but her addresds is not removed from the To: of the post from the list.

The removal is to prevent Cc: lists from growing too large in threads
with many participants.

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