Mark Sapiro writes:

 > There is one case with Mailman lists where [to vs. cc] matters, at
 > least in MM 2.1, but I think MM 3 too.
 > If a list member has 'avoid dups' set and that member is a Cc: addressee
 > of a post, that member will not receive the post from the list AND that
 > member's address will be removed from the Cc: list of the post delivered
 > to the other list members.
 > The removal is to prevent Cc: lists from growing too large in threads
 > with many participants.

Does this actually work?  In practice, I get the feeling that a large
minority at least unsets "nodupes".  XEmacs lists default to nodupes,
but about 1/3 of users have them unset, and a quick eyeball suggests
that over 95% of the ones with nodupes set have never posted or been
cc'd on the list.

I would say that the effect that such members get many fewer automatic
CCs from reply-all would be the main reason for the removal.  Even if
it doesn't work this is the right thing to do.

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