On 3/19/2015 6:59 PM, David Andrews wrote:

Everyone should remember that your needs are not necessarily the same as
others.  I run some 250 lists that primarily cater to blind persons, and top
posting is the norm.

And for those lists, it's accepted practice because it works for them. Most of the lists I'm on highly discourage top-posting, which works well for their readers. (I observe that the message I'm replying to was entire bottom-posted.)

While we can sort it all out, despite quoting style,
top posting is the easiest in most situations.

Not sure what you mean about quoting there as top-posting pretty much dictates the quoting style- everything from previous messages is below the new material; it's simply a matter of how much you remove. So even based solely on the comments on this list, I think you'll find that top-posting is not "the easiest". Well, maybe "easiest" ("laziest"?) in the sense of effort, but not "best" or "most useful" or "easiest to follow".

And for forestall the arguments about not trimming messages- sure, memory is cheaper now, comm lines are faster, drives are bigger, most people use GUI mail readers, but that's no reason to cart around sometimes thousands of no-longer-relevant verbiage. Especially when adding a two-line comment...

Anyway, YMMV, mine does.


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