On Thu, 2015-03-19 at 17:45 -0700, Mark Sapiro wrote:

> Top posting with full quoting is also encouraged by MUAs like Gmail's
> web client that hide the quoted material unless you ask for it.

It's also encouraged by iDevices with iOS using mail clients which
insert the quoted material _below_ the user's sig.  Converting to bottom
posted isn't really trivial and involves a bit of cutting and pasting.

> I do understand that in some business situations (contract negotiations,
> attorney/client communication and the like), it is useful and pretty
> much demanded that each message contain the full transcript of what went
> before, but this has no place on an email discussion list.
> This is a major hot-button issue for me, The above is only scratching
> the surface.

This is one of the reasons I've long ago abdicated my job as list
moderator for _all_ the lists I host and to which I also belong.  I'm
happy to be the technical admin, and deal with problems with spam and
the occasional technically disruptive member or ex-member, but I don't
want to get into the day-to-day decisions about what's allowed or not on
a list.

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