We have set up Mailman as a closed, private list for an international society. Members are subscribed by the Secretary, via the Admin control panel. (Anyone who wants to join the list has to e-mail the Secretary, and only the society members are eligible to be joined to the list.)

As far as I can see, that means that members won't ever be asked for a password/don't need a password to send messages to the list. But they still would need a password to be able to view the Archives which we have set to "private". When I tested accessing the archives, I got in with my own e-mail address and the Admin password (my own e-mail address is on the subscriber list and is difference from the list-owner e-mail address).

Obviously, we can't give 400-plus people the Admin or Moderator passwords so that they can view the Archives. Is there a way of having a third password, which we can give to the membership (and reset from time to time), to enable members to view the Archives?


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