Apparently they do not use c-panel, but I'll ask for clarification. I just wanted to see what responses I might get before contacted tech support again.


Mark Sapiro wrote:
Cris McConkey wrote:
The hosting service I use to host various lists under one domain is aware of the problem that the list exclusion function does not work. This apparently has to do with aliases used for the list name in the shared environment. It seems that the common list address is not the "real" list address and so exclusions based on what appears in the To: and Cc: lines do not work.

Has anyone worked on a patch?  If so, please contact me.

This sounds like cPanel Mailman <>. If that
is the case, this would have to be addressed by cPanel (or a cPanel
installation site) since they are the only ones who know what their
code base is.


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