Hi Mark

Thank you for this - you have saved the day! :-) Cron job run. Everyone now has their password. Phew.

I have done 3 to 5 (of your message) in the control panel, too.


At 15:56 10/09/2008, Mark Sapiro wrote:

Once a person is a list member, you can't send another "welcome"
message without unsubscribing and resubscribing the member. You can
send a password reminder to everyone on the list by first making sure
that "Send monthly password reminders?" on the General Options page is
set to Yes and then from a shell, running Mailman's

  cron/mailpasswds -l listname

To ensure the welcome is sent when doing mass subscribes in the future

>1.  Log into Mailman control panel
>2.  Scroll down the General Options to "List-specific text prepended
>to new-subscriber welcome message"
>3.  Enter any text to be sent in the message as well as the password

3. Optionally enter any additional, list specific text to be sent along
with the standard welcome message - this is a one time step.

4. Make sure that "Send welcome message to newly subscribed members?"
is set to Yes - this is a one time step.

5. When using Membership Management... -> Mass Subscription to add
members, make sure that "Send welcome messages to new subscribees?" is
set to Yes. This will be the default if step 4 was done.


Mailman is not going to add the members password to any ordinary
message. The only messages to the user that contain the password are
the actual Mailman generated list welcome message, the password
reminders sent from cron/maillpasswds (normally run monthly on the 1st
by cron) and a user requested password reminder from the user options
login page.

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