Rachel Mawhood wrote:
>I have customised the html of three pages - general list information, 
>user specific options, and subscribe results - to have the same look 
>and feel as the rest of the client's web site.  It appears not to be 
>possible to do the same to the subscriber login and archive pages - 
>is that correct?  (I need to be able to explain this, when the client 
>realises this and wants to know why these pages are still in the 
>default Mailman blue and white.)

The archive pages are built from templates and can be fairly easily
customised. They can't be customised from the admin GUI, but see
<http://wiki.list.org/x/jYA9> and realise that when you customise one
of the 4 templates editable via the admin GUI, what you are doing is
making a list specific version of the template in
lists/<listname>/<language>/<template> as discussed at the above FAQ
link. The archive templates have names arch*.html and article.html.

The user options login page is more complicated as it is built on the
fly, not from a template. You can change the colors by referring to
the section

# Web UI defaults

in Defaults.py and then overriding those settings you wish to change in
mm_cfg.py. Note that these are site wide changes.

You can make other sitewide changes with fairly straightforward code
modifications. See the thread "changing Mailman layout" starting at
for example.

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