>> Also, if I'm not mistaking, list-validation services are mainly targeting
>> online businesses, so even if the there might be legit cases, I doubt the
>> biggest part of their revenues is.
> I'm not really familiar with their revenue model but I do know that for
> some of them, spammers and rogue marketers absolutely do not make up the
> majority of their client base, if at all.

They don't describe themselves that way, for sure. But the business model
is to take lists of email addresses of variable quality, then to wash those 
through a validation service, then send to them through an ESP.

The only value of the validation service here is to hide the quality and
provenance of the list from the ESP. It doesn't change anything else.
That's typically behaviour from a marketer who doesn't think the ESP
would continue to work with them if they saw the quality of their lists.

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