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> For a comparison, how'd you rate the signal to noise ratio of (accumulated)
> DMARC aggregate reports?

I don’t think there’s a valid comparison as DMARC reports are opt-in and the 
folks who are opting into them understand what they’re getting into. 

This argument reminds me of the widespread relay testing from 20 years ago that 
ended up with double bounce mails landing in postmaster mailboxes. A lot of 
folks managing those mailboxes were legitimately annoyed at the relay testing 
sites that would probe their networks and, when their networks didn’t relay, 
drop unwanted and unsolicited email into postmaster@ in the form of double 

Deploying any service that ends up with folks receiving high levels of emails 
that they did not ask for is problematic, even when some people find those 
reports useful. 

The real solution here is to do the work and make these reports opt-in. You can 
even do it as 1 or two reports to postmaster and offer the option to opt-in to 
future reports. it also allows recipients to designate a different / more 
appropriate email address to handle the reports. 

Just randomly sending folks bulk, automated mail will always be a problem. It 
seems silly to argue that unsolicited bulk email is a good idea just because 
some people like it. 


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