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Quite relevant; in the new MapHist Forum from are only 3 posts (from the moment it was opened) and on the old List I received 4 messages only in the last hour!

Sorin Fortiu
Timisoara, Banat

P.S. Personally, I am a subscriber at 4 mailing lists (3 of them due the profession and one for hobby; one of them ?not MapHist- has more then 50 messages each day) and I do not watch any forum.

What I did not understand in the first place is why the List was dropped for a Forum? It seams it has nothing to do with technical possibilities (Google is always an alternative for this) but with ... (I realize now that one of the posts from the Forum -never anounced on the List- is quite relevant for the answer!)

Anyhow, Thank You all (to many to be mentioned by name!) for helping me in the past! Your help was VERY much appreciated (by someone who wants to do some research but do not have access to the documents he needs). I am sure that on a Forum I would never received the level of help I received on the List. But I learned (long time a go!) that everything good in life comes to an end ...

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