Simon wrote:

>       I think that the difference here is that I am not arguing for a
> Marxist revolution, but a socialist one: i.e. that while Marx provided
> one of the first expositions of socialist theory, you don't have to have
> read a word of Marx to be a socialist.

Note the inference that while he is arguing for socialist revolution, I am

You have a clever talent for the creation of strawmen to argue against.

> The socialist revolution does not carry a
> Marx (TM) trademark on its banner.

Thanks for the englightenment.
> So only the great men of history, who have the time to study rather than
> work, can make the revolution?


Another strawman innovation.

> I've been accused of
> arrogance before, 

Imagine the audacity of anyone who says that someone who sends posts from
an address which reads (in part) "THE WORLD SOCIALIST MOVEMENT" displays
> and sometimes probably rightly, but this is
> breathtaking.

Agreed. Your inability to listen to what others have to say and your
creation of strawmen to argue against shows not only your arrogance but
your inability to engage in a worthwhile discussion.


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