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>Super reply Chris. Keep it up.
>You might note that the point of surveying the various brands of 
>socialism in CM was to characterise their class standpoint. What's 
>your's Chris?
>As for Chechyna, the LCMRCI has along with several other groups put 
>out a statement in Spanish. When its translated I'll forward it to 
>this list. 

The way it achieves a pure and in practice entirely abstract political
position is too subtle for Dave to summarise in English here?

Perhaps Dave could bring himself alone to say whether he thinks progressive
forces should press the west to impose economic sanctions on Yeltsin's
Russian to make it disgorge Chechnya just as Habibie's Indonesia was forced
to disgorge East Timor?

Or do I know the answer: Unclean! unclean! You cannot build a world centre
for revolution with messy compromises like that. 

Chris Burford


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