G'day Hugh,

>Nice as slapping bottoms might be, Rob, and I never thought you were a
>Madonna fan, a more appropriate measure might be to put offenders in the 
>front row of the scrum in the coming final between the Springboks and the 
>All Blacks. Five minutes at tight head would just about do the trick ...

Heh, heh.  That'd be the third-fourth play-off you'd be talking about, eh? 
Rather their packs than the French, say I.  What a bunch of thugs!  Did like
laMaison, though - and I suppose said thugs have to get credit for giving
him the room for those worrying little kicks of his.

>So many of the briefly fashionable "left" positions of recent years
>are ending up on imperialist ministerial platforms that their supposedly 
>Marxist let alone revolutionary credentials get washed away in the ensuing 
>tide of blood. Making things much clearer.

On that reckoning we should be seeing some dramatic polarisation at the
ballot box and not a little taking it to the streets.  Arguably, we're
seeing a bit of this in Germany and parts of the erstwhile Eastern bloc.  I
even detect a little leftish grumbling rising to the surface from the Noo
Labour backbenches - all with appropriate British reserve, of course - but
then the journey of a thousand steps starts with the first whimper, I
s'pose.  Is Tony Benn's retirement from the parliament for, er, more direct
politics getting much coverage over there, btw?


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