Rob wrote:

> I, for one, intend to observe this list's recently
> mentioned and long-standing policy not to engage in discussions
> concerning personalities not subscribed to this list (and sad indeed to
> see that Jerry  couldn't live up to a policy to which he explicitly
> committed himself only last month).

If you check the precise wording that I agreed to last month, you will see
that I have lived up to my end of the agreement. The agreement, though,
was violated when certain subscribers forwarded posts from another list
to this one by the non-person in question. At first I let it pass, then
after several occasions, I responded (without, btw, mentioning the name
of the non-subscriber). If you want me never to raise this issue again on
thaxis, just ensure that that non-subscriber's name never appears on this
list again. [There might be a technical way of doing this, btw, by
ensuring that said name is automatically deleted from any posts.]


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