Lo Again,
>>They are condemned, then, to being revolutionary.
We are condemned, King Lear like, to the duty and possiblity of revolution, it is something that is irrevomovable from our condition, but we have to choose to exorcise it.
>>Now in the north of Ireland there exists thousands upon thousand of workers who would describe themselves as Protestant Unionists and who actively support British imperialism together with the rampant and intense discrimination against Catholic workers from the same geographical location. Many of these Protestant workers are proud members of the reactionary Orange Order. These workers have adhered to this reactionary counter-revolutionary culture for over a hundred years. Such workers can hardly be described as inherently revolutionary.
Indeed, police officers are workers, but I wouldn't consider a police officer inherently revolution - its absurd as sayign all wopmen are inherently feminist.  But, and I do have a big but, we are all potentially revolutionary, and this is why a vanguard is not only udnesirable, but also unnessary, when consciousness and necessity co-incide the revolution will happen - our job here and now is to promote consciousness as widely as possible.

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