Total idiocy, delusional nonsense, senseless gibberish, from first 
word to last.

At 09:53 PM 2/22/2009, Charles Brown wrote:
>I agree that these are the classical
>Marxist-Leninist theory, definitions, schema
>and order of the process, but
>I'm thinking that actuality, actual
>history, the concrete truth of this
>may not "go down" in as linear
>a fashion, as the a,b,c,1,2,3
>of the theory. This would be
>applying Marx and Engels other
>warning against "cookbooks"
>and predictions about socialism
>and communism to their own
>sketch of how the state whithers
>away.  So, the process of whithering
>away may in actuality be a
>zig-zag , one step whither, one
>step unwhither of the straightline
>of the abstract classical formulations
>For example, the Soviet state was a
>multinational state. The Russian
>state does not encompass all of
>the former Soviet territory.
>This might be seen as an early
>aspect of the total whithering
>away of the state there. Also,
>notice that there was relatively
>little bloodshed. The Soviet state
>did not go down fighting, not
>with a bang but a whimper ( as
>that Commie T.S. Eliot put it)
>Also, Soviet society was substantially
>without class antagonisms. This is
>one of the most important theoretical
>and praise of the Soviet Union points.
>The peaceful end of the multi-national
>state is an indicator of the lack
>of class antagonisms existing in
>the Soviet Union.
>Also, notice that the implication
>of my use of "whithering away of
>the state " is that some of
>what is left in Russia is _communism_
>not socialism. The whithering away of
>the state ushers in communism.
>Obviously, since capitalist imperialist
>states still exist in the world and
>the Russian _state_ has nuclear weapons,
>the state has not totally whithered away.
>So, it would be a partial and harbinger
>whithering away that we see.

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