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I attended the Left Forum in New York this last weekend. Some experiences:

A coalition of opponents to Assad organized a series of workshops. The
first one, specifically on Syria itself, was attended by two left Assadist
sects, one of which was the Internaionalists. For starters, they both were
quite disruptive and as the chair I had to be quite firm as far as not
letting them just shout out whenever they wanted to. There were 2 decisive
events as far as their attitude:

One was their denunciations of the White Helmets as being agents of US
imperialism. We had a Syrian guy on Skype and towards the end of the
session he was asked about his experiences with the White Helmets. Just as
he was about to answer, the Internationalists got up and left. They know so
much that they didn't have to hear the experiences on the ground.

Second was their refusal to answer the simple queston: "Do you side with
the Syrian revolution or the counter revolution?"

We organized a walkout when Ajamu Baraka spoke at the final plenum. I heard
some of what he said as we left, plus read a piece of his on his web page.
He is every bit as bad as everything I'd heard about him. A complete and
total practitioner of the red brown alliance, including him quoting "The
American Conservative" approvingly. His view seems to be pretty prevalent
in the Greens as they organized a workshop on "peace" or some such and he
was the featured speaker for them.

The arguments those like Baraka use are little different from those used by
the Stalinists and their apologists back in the 1930s and '40s. What is the
difference between their claiming opposition to US imperialism to refuse to
deal with the crimes of Stalin and the present situation - except for the
fact that at least Stalin wasn't presiding over a fascistic capitalist
regime? So, on top of their unprincipled betrayal of working class
solidarity, they are living in the past, refusing to recognize the
fundamental change from the Soviet Union to capitalist Russia. In other
words, what the present new age Stalinists are doing is even worse!

In my opinion, much of the left reflects the generally low level of
consciousness and militancy in the working class as a whole. But it
reflects it in a twisted and distorted way, as if in a fun-house mirror.

I think this may not change until there is a massive change in the working
class consciousness, and I think that won't change without some huge shock.
The only consolation is that that shock is coming.

John Reimann
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