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Decades ago I saw a one-person performance of something I recall as Scarlett 
Fever.  The performer grew up in Georgia and gave us a lesson on racism in that 
state.  He suggested that the crowd that turned out to the premiere of Gone 
With the Wind was bigger than the population of Atlanta itself.  I’m not sure 
he was right, but the massive crowd meant that every human being living in 
Atlanta was there or, as he said, people flooded into Atlanta.  He said it was 
one of the biggest celebrations of white supremacy since the Civil War.  See 
the account below.
                ken h


Noticeably absent were Hattie McDaniel (Mammy) and Butterfly McQueen (Prissy), 
black actresses with major roles who were not welcome in the white side of the 
segregated Atlanta society. Noticeably present was a young Martin Luther King, 
Jr., who sang in a "negro boys choir" from his father's church, Ebenezer 

* * * * * *

Spotlights swept the sky with huge beacons of light. Peachtree at Pryor Street 
was closed to traffic. An enormous crowd, numbering 300,000 people according to 
the Atlanta Constitution, lined the streets on this ice-cold night in Atlanta. 
Car after car paused at Lowe's Grand Theater as the stars came out. Wild cheers 
greeted each celebrity as they braved the cold to participate in a brief radio 

A rousing ovation greeted a group Confederate veterans who were guests of honor.
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