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Here's an example --- In many Marx brothers films, there are incredibly
stereotyped blacks hanging around, dancing, etc. --- Groucho would often
refer to them as "darkies" --- You have to be inured to those elements but
I expect that the more sensitive one is, the less likely is one to be
willing to ignore that shit and focus on the incredibly clever humor ---

I wonder if I could stomach watching "A Day at the Races" again ...Maybe
just stop watching near the end!!!

> Most movies made before the 1960s, that come close to dealing with race or
> with having racial or racialized components or figures in them, are going
> to be suspect on these grounds. This is going to be a case-by-case search
> and decision-making process, and there will be many close calls, though all
> movies should have a copy at a central museum of film. I am for keeping
> "Casablanca" in regular use, as I deem its racist components too minor to
> cause such a good and classic film to disappear from public availability.
> But that sort of judgment must be applied to many films; some will be put
> away, most (I suspect) will survive. WH
> >
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