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John Reimann wrote

As for Howie Hawkins and the Green Party: I had had hopes that it might develop into something - might start to develop a wider working class base - after Sanders lost in 2016. I think it's pretty clear since then that they won't. A real working class party will develop out of the struggle in the streets, on the jobs, and inside the unions. I have yet to see the Green Party play any significant role in any of that. To my knowledge, for example, they aren't even in the discussion within the protests against the George Floyd murder and the related murders.
Those like me who live in a shoo-in state for the Democrats at least don''t have to wrestle internally about voting for the greater dis-evil. We can write in Howie Hawkins, who appears to have a very good track record as a socialist candidate in NY state, as a way of recording our protest.
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