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> On Sun, Sep 18, 2016 at 09:55:26PM +0200, Andy Mender wrote:
> > I was also thinking when could we consider adding unicode support to
> > mrxvt. This was planned at some point, correct? urxvt-unicode already
> > has it so the code is out there already :).
> This is pretty hard. Jehan made quite a bit of progress on the UTF8
> branch, but it is still unstable.
> There are, however, a few tricks that allow you to work with UTF-8 in
> the stable version of mrxvt. I wrote them up here a while back if you're
> interested:

I guess adding UTF-8 would be a good thing, but please don't totally remove
the ability to do plain old 8 bit character sets.

I find that with UTF-8 aware terminal emulators, it's quite possible to cut
and paste something that looks like a valid bash command from your
e-mail/chat/web browser/etcetera app into a UTF-8 aware terminal emulator,
and only discover after much hair pulling that the things that look like
quotes aren't really quotes to bash.

Now if bash were UTF-8 aware too, that might work better.  Not sure about
that.  It worries me a little, but at least then it'd be a matched set.

Dan Stromberg
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