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Enrico Weigelt wrote:
> * Slava Zanko <slavaza...@gmail.com> schrieb:
> Hi,
>>> huh, I'm not sure whether mvc fits in here.
>> mcvfs - VIEW; core (signal handling, User events etc) - CONTROLLER,
>> slang,mcslang,ncurses - VIEWs.. Why not? :)
> you meant: mcvfs = model ?
No. model = any data source. mcvfs - one of sources for mc.
I think, it is very early to discuss. We need to start their work,
rather than drown in the discussions. :)

>>> Well, if we say "everything's a file" and the model is the vfs
>>> (including things like search results represented as filesystem),
>>> we could make some steps in this direction :)
>> Yep, everything is a file. Network connects - files too. :)
> yeah, even sockets:
>     cat tcp://somehost:port/
> (I'll add this to libmvfs in the next days ...)
Cool. I'm waiting now this patch. :)

>> For example:
>> $ cat ~/secret/path/to/my-one-of-many-many-server.mcvfs-ftp
>> host: xxx.xxx.xx
>> port: 12345
>> user: xxxx
>> passwd: xxxx
>> passv: 1
>> ...
>> By pressing 'Enter' to the *.mcvfs-ftp file (via mc.ext) ftp session
>> will establish... Is this bad think?
> hmm, you suggest something like we know as "desktop shortcuts" from
May be yes, shorcuts...

> certain certain DE's ? Well, perhaps it would be even better to just
> directly support well-known DE's shortcut files ?
But if file will open by DE, mc don't handle data from 'shorcut'. If mc
open 'shotcut' itself, then for example, pressing 'Enter' on *.mcvfs-ftp
will display in active panel of mc content of remote ftp-server ('cat
*.mcvfs-ftp' may be display content too ;) )
Treat all 'shorcuts' makes no sense - it's set up through mc.ext if
needed. I am talking about support in the file mc.ext like this, for

Or simular.

But it is very early to discuss too, IMHO. We can dream now, but a
little... ;)

> <snip>
>> "some bash support fixups"
>> (http://mail.gnome.org/archives/mc-devel/2008-December/msg00062.html)
>>    Patch already applied, but not in official branch - in our mc-4.6.3 :)
>>    Patches from our branch will transfer to an oficial branch.
> What happened to 4.6.2 ?
There mc-4.6.3 - is a invalid version (Russian fork). As right, we had
to change name (mc+, for example). Sorry. :(

>> BTW, after applying all gathehing patches, we can assign version
>> 4.7.0-pre1 ;)
>> Because a lot of changes compared to the current 4.6.2-pre1...
> hmm, what major changes do you have in mind ?
First, may will be add UTF-8 support; may will be apply other patches,
stabilized in various distributions.
Second, there mc-4.6.3... people will be at a loss :(

WBR, Slavaz.

P.S. To all: With the passing Christmas :)
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