On 15/09/16 10:14, Andrew Smith wrote:
On 15/09/16 07:08, Brian Wolff wrote:
locks). So maybe something is wrong on the php side. Thus I'd also
check the php error log, and maybe try enabling the MediaWiki debug
log and check that.

Thanks Brian. Your suggestion to turn on the MediaWiki debug log helped me track down the problem.

It was a bizarre one. wgSMTP was misconfigured and what happened was:

* Someone would try to register
* Mediawiki would start a transaction to do whatever in SQL, perhaps record that an account is being created * Mediawiki would try to send an email, which I could see from a single log line with PEAR in it (the last log line for that request). * The email would never get sent and the request to send the email never timed out (go figure). * The transaction started way back when was never committed, and was left open forever.
* From that point on any other requests to modify user table timed out.

Why would one send an email in the middle of an SQL transaction? That's a disaster waiting to happen.

Is there a place where I should report this bug? I would like to help get this fixed, not just complain on my blog :) http://littlesvr.ca/grumble/2016/09/17/what-does-a-posix-signal-handler-and-an-sql-transaction-have-in-common/

It really sucks that I wasted so much time and patience dealing with this, but I'm glad I got it sorted out in the end. Thanks for the help Brian!



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