So I've been keeping quiet about this because I didn't want to jinx myself but 
last weekend I retorqued the head bolts on my '78 240D. You'll remember thats 
the one where the exhaust was blowing the coolant back out of the engine. Some 
of the bolts were still tight but some needed a little more, some needed as 
much as 1/8 turn.
With them all tightened to spec the engine seems content to keep the wet stuff 
inside where it belongs. I drove it a few miles to prove that worked and then 
parked it, the engine seemed to idle rough cold and some valves tapped 

Today I tried adjusting the valves, I'll not try that again until I get a 
proper set of wrenches... I found the intakes all slightly loose (0.13mm) 
except for one that was perfect. The exhausts were all slightly tight 
(0.25-0.28mm). Considering the rough adjustment I was capable of I decided I'd 
loosen the tight exhaust valves and leave the loose intakes where they were, 
even then the adjustment took me right on 2 hours, most of that was farting 
around not knowing what I was doing.

Apparently the tight exhaust valves were the cause of my noise as its gone but 
the car still seems under powered even for a 240D. I took it for a 20 mile run 
at speeds up to 60mph with the AC blowing ice cold most of the time except when 
I didn't have power to climb hills. By the time I got home it was definitely 
running better and had more power but still not enough.

When Angie got home I had her work the pedal while I observed the linkage. This 
car has a spring thing in the linkage from the pedal which I don't understand 
the point of. I guess its to stop from forcing a linkage thats stuck. Anyway it 
appears to have lost its sproing because it wasn't pushing the linkage 
sufficiently. With the pedal on the floor we were only getting about 1/2 travel 
to the stop, I suppose that explains why the car always felt down on power. I 
put a hose clamp on the moving bit so it can't move and that got about 1/2 the 
missing travel back. Then I found a pivot point that also levers out in the 
wrong direction. I guess it needs a new bushing. With no new bushing to put in 
but lots of pedal travel that doesn't do anything (the first 1/8 of travel 
accomplishes nothing) I adjusted the other linkages so that now the lever at 
the IP goes all the way to the stop. I've yet to make a test run but it seems 
like a reasonable idea...

Anyway it looks like the Phoenix is rising once again.

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