> Curt wrote:
> Today I tried adjusting the valves, I'll not try that again until
> I get a proper set of wrenches... 

I use normal flat wrenches - except I have one ground thinner.

> I found the intakes all slightly loose (0.13mm) except for one
> that was perfect.

Loose is good!  Too loose and it effects power, but too tight and
the engine will leak compression which has a bad effect on cold

> The exhausts were all slightly tight (0.25-0.28mm).

That's what normally happens.

> Considering the rough adjustment I was capable of I decided I'd
> loosen the tight exhaust valves and leave the loose intakes where
> they were, even then the adjustment took me right on 2 hours,
> most of that was farting around not knowing what I was doing.

Just for the valves?  Or including messing with the fuel feed
linkage?  The offset wrenches might help some, but it's still a
fiddly process as tightening the nuts _will_ change the size of the
gap.  Practice will help. *smiles*

--     Philip

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