ATTABOY!!!  This is a manual tranny car isn't it? If so, the spring loaded
thing in the accelerator linkage is to help prevent bunny hops when
starting from a dead stop - usually a problem for those not accomplished at
driving a standard, IIRC.

On Sat, Jul 13, 2013 at 3:15 PM, Curt Raymond <> wrote:

> So I've been keeping quiet about this because I didn't want to jinx myself
> but last weekend I retorqued the head bolts on my '78 240D. You'll remember
> thats the one where the exhaust was blowing the coolant back out of the
> engine. Some of the bolts were still tight but some needed a little more,
> some needed as much as 1/8 turn.
> With them all tightened to spec the engine seems content to keep the wet
> stuff inside where it belongs. I drove it a few miles to prove that worked
> and then parked it, the engine seemed to idle rough cold and some valves
> tapped threateningly.
> Today I tried adjusting the valves, I'll not try that again until I get a
> proper set of wrenches... I found the intakes all slightly loose (0.13mm)
> except for one that was perfect. The exhausts were all slightly tight
> (0.25-0.28mm). Considering the rough adjustment I was capable of I decided
> I'd loosen the tight exhaust valves and leave the loose intakes where they
> were, even then the adjustment took me right on 2 hours, most of that was
> farting around not knowing what I was doing.
> Apparently the tight exhaust valves were the cause of my noise as its gone
> but the car still seems under powered even for a 240D. I took it for a 20
> mile run at speeds up to 60mph with the AC blowing ice cold most of the
> time except when I didn't have power to climb hills. By the time I got home
> it was definitely running better and had more power but still not enough.
> When Angie got home I had her work the pedal while I observed the linkage.
> This car has a spring thing in the linkage from the pedal which I don't
> understand the point of. I guess its to stop from forcing a linkage thats
> stuck. Anyway it appears to have lost its sproing because it wasn't pushing
> the linkage sufficiently. With the pedal on the floor we were only getting
> about 1/2 travel to the stop, I suppose that explains why the car always
> felt down on power. I put a hose clamp on the moving bit so it can't move
> and that got about 1/2 the missing travel back. Then I found a pivot point
> that also levers out in the wrong direction. I guess it needs a new
> bushing. With no new bushing to put in but lots of pedal travel that
> doesn't do anything (the first 1/8 of travel accomplishes nothing) I
> adjusted the other linkages so that now the lever at the IP goes all the
> way to the stop. I've yet to make a test run but it seems like a reasonable
> idea...
> Anyway it looks like the Phoenix is rising once again.
> -Curt
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