Today I cleaned the head and block off, using brake cleaner, a rag,
and a razor blade.  I also mopped off the head gasket.  I took the
small points file to the two locating dowels, gently, so that I was
just deburring it.  After all this I lowered the head onto the block,
stopping with it an inch or two above position and again checking for
trapped gunk or lint.  Then I lowered it into position.  It dropped
right on flat without any of the difficulty I'd had before.  I suspect
that deburring the locating pins was a good thing to do.  I then
gently snugged all the head nuts, then backed them off so that it was
sitting flat but with no clamping tension on it.

Then I torqued it down again, this time in <I>four</I> stages, using
my spiral pattern.  First at 40#, then the given-to-me 75#, 125#, and
175#.  I also oiled the studs first.  The head seemed to go on easier
than the last time, and the torquing was much smoother due to the oil.
High hopes!

After I put the rockers back on I had to set the valve lash again,
they were all too tight.  This implies that the head went on closer to
the block this time, which is a good sign.

Anyway, with the engine all reassembled I put the new propane fittings
on and hooked up the tank.  The motor fired right up, which was good.
_Unfortunately_, the head is _still_ leaking in the middle of the
exhaust manifold side.  Sigh.  I suppose the next step is to pull
the head again and use the spray copper gasket goo.  This is
really getting old.

-- Jim

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