rumor has it that David wrote:

> I dunno, personally I think the dump trailers in Washington state that 
> have 12 foot long tongues are pretty weird!  I assume the weight limits 
> there must be based on length?

Kinda. It's probably because of what called "bridge law" and because
it's practical - and it's not just it WA.

Bridge law: (CAUTION: This is a super simplified version!!) The maximum
allowed gross vehicle weight in reduced if the distance between axles
is not enough. Thus a 5-axle truck/trailer is normally limited to
80,000 lbs GVW., but if it's a really short trailer it will be
overweight if the GVW is 80,000 lbs.

Practical reason. The truck can dump _without_ unhitching from the

        Philip, always happy to drive past a weight scale.

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