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Vehicle Snapshot
Vehicle 1991 Mercedes-Benz 190 Series 190E
Body Style 4 Door Sedan
Country of Manufacture Germany

Vehicle History Checklist
Vehicle Description WDBDA29D2MF790838
Title Check No records found
Problem Check No records found
Odometer Check No records found
Vehicle Information Records found
Full History Records found

 Title Check
Your vehicle checks out!

Abandoned No Abandoned Records Found
Damaged No Damaged Records Found
Fire Damage No Fire Damage Records Found
Grey Market No Grey Market Records Found
Hail Damage No Hail Damage Records Found
Insurance Loss No Insurance Loss Records Found
Junk No Junk Records Found
Rebuilt/Rebuildable No Rebuilt/Rebuildable Records Found
Salvage No Salvage Records Found

 Problem Check
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NHTSA Crash Test Vehicle No NHTSA Crash Test Vehicle Records Found
Fire Damage Incident No Fire Damage Incident Records Found
Frame Damage No Frame Damage Records Found
Major Damage No Major Damage Records Found
Manufacturer Buyback/Lemon No Manufacturer Buyback/Lemon Records Found
Manufacturer Buyback/Lemon No Manufacturer Buyback/Lemon Records Found
Odometer Problem No Odometer Problem Records Found
Salvage Auction No Salvage Auction Records Found
Water Damage No Water Damage Records Found

 Vehicle Information
Problems Found!

Accident Data Accident Data Records Found
Corrected Title No Corrected Title Records Found
Driver Education No Driver Education Records Found
Duplicate Title No Duplicate Title Records Found
Emission/Safety Inspection Emission/Safety Inspection Records Found
Livery Use No Livery Use Records Found
Government Use No Government Use Records Found
Police Use No Police Use Records Found
Rental/Fleet No Rental/Fleet Records Found
Repossessed No Repossessed Records Found
Taxi Use No Taxi Use Records Found
Theft No Theft Records Found

 Vehicle History Records
We have searched the Experian Automotive National Vehicle Database of insurance, DMV, and auto auction information and found the following 15 records for this 1991 MERCEDES-BENZ 190 SERIES 190E. Note the highlighted rows for potential issues that could affect the value of this vehicle.

Date Location Mileage Description
1994-05-22 NY 18013 title
1996-02-28 scarsdale, NY  registration event/renewal
1996-04-06 NY 31938 independent inspection
1998-03-04 scarsdale, NY  title
1998-03-04 scarsdale, NY  registration event/renewal
1999-06-12 kings county, NY  collision with another vehicle
2000-02-24 scarsdale, NY  registration event/renewal
2001-01-31 NY 56874 passed emission inspection
2001-01-31 NY  passed safety inspection
2002-01-04 NY 58834 passed emission inspection
2002-01-04 NY  passed safety inspection
2002-03-16 woodbridge, CT 59297 title
2002-03-16 woodbridge, CT  registration event/renewal
2002-03-16 CT  passed emission inspection
2004-02-17 woodbridge, CT  registration event/renewal

Glossary of Descriptions Found for This Vehicle (full glossary)
Description Full Definition

Title Vehicle had title registration event reported by state DMV.
Renewal Vehicle had registration renewal event reported by state DMV.
Independent Inspection Vehicle was inspected by an independent agency other than a state DMV.

Passed Emission Inspection Vehicle passed the state emission inspection.
Passed Safety Inspection Vehicle passed the state safety inspection.

Highlights from our Editors' Review of the 1990-93 Mercedes-Benz 190
The following summary includes recall and trouble spot information for several model years of this vehicle. Only information labeled "1990-93" applies to this vehicle.

Consumer Guide Rating

Handling/roadholding, Antilock brakes, Acceleration (6-cylinder), Ride

Rear-seat room, Cargo room, Price
Road Test Scores
Performance 3
Fuel Economy 5
Ride Quality 5
Steering/Handling/Braking 5
Quietness 4
Controls/Materials 5
Interior Room 4
Room/Comfort (rear) 3
Cargo Capacity 2
Value within Class 4
(all scores out of 10)

NHTSA Safety Ratings
Front Impact, Driver 3
Front Impact, Passenger 3
(all scores out of 5)
Check with the seller to ensure that the recall work was completed on these items.

1993: Airbag intended for European models was installed on small number of cars, instead of correct U.S. version.

 Trouble Spots
Check for these possible problems when test-driving and inspecting this vehicle.

Automatic transmission: The transmission may slip or the shifts may be soft due to too much clearance in the modulator-valve assembly. (1991)

Automatic transmission: Transmission shifts may be harsh or erratic due to a defective vacuum modulator. (1990-93)

Cruise control: Vehicle may jerk when traveling on level roads or when coasting down hills with the cruise control engaged due to problem in fuel shutoff switch. (1990-91)

Engine misfire: The idle speed-control motor may stick causing a high idle or surging idle. (1990-93)

 Repair Costs
Wondering what it will cost to fix this car if something goes wrong? Here are some commonly repaired items on all cars and how much it would cost to fix each item on a 1990-93 Mercedes-Benz 190. (Note: this information is general and does not represent repairs that the specific vehicle listed may require.)

Commonly Repaired Item Typical Replacement Cost
A/C Compressor $1,035
Alternator $440
Automatic Transmission or Transaxle $1,070
Brakes $190
Clutch, Pressure Plate, Bearing $795
Exhaust System $575
Radiator $450
Shocks and/or Struts $1,240
Timing Chain or Belt $265
Universal Joints $535

 Important Disclaimers
While Consumer Guide® makes every effort to present complete and accurate information, a Consumer Guide® Vehicle History Report is not a guarantee of the quality of any used vehicle. There could be other problems with this vehicle that have not been reported to Consumer Guide® or Experian. Please read our full disclaimer.

John Peterson wrote:

Here is the listing for the car- and the guy seems very clean (feedback excellent and knows his stuff on the phone, honest sounding),1&item=4602642462&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT

Can anyone run a vin check for me?


Thanks friends.

John Peterson
1991 300D 2.5 77k

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Subject: Re: [MBZ] It's a Gas

The trunk badges are backwards.  Looks nice otherwise.  Its insane what
190D's go for.

John Peterson wrote:

So, don't beat me up too hard. I bought a '91 190E 2.6 gasser this week. It
has 99k.  Everything works on it.

I haven't picked it up yet.  I plan to use it winters while the diesel is
hibernating from the road salt here in RI.

It is a 201 with one owner- all records, original paint. Accident cracked front bumper plastic, which was replaced. Owner showed all body panels and
matching numbers etc.

It has the blue MBtex which I love- and I hear that the 2.6 is a reliable
and powerful motor.  Yes, I know there is little space under the hood and
that the water pumps tend to fail with 120k on them.

Does anyone have a gasser 190? What experiences have you had? I wanted a diesel, but the diesel 190's go for foolish prices and I just can't afford

See photos at

Anyways, it is a benz and that means fun driving and pulling it apart.

John Peterson
Kingston RI 1991 300D 2.5 77k

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