Hello M-B folks,

My name is Tim Clark and I have recently acquired an 83 300SD.  I have a
question on it and a fellow Rennlister (a glance at my email will reveal my
other automotive "prior commitment" - all 10 of my allotted email addresses
are in use for the time being, so this will have to suffice) referred me
here, which is excellent as I found the Benzworld forums to be not quite as
useful as I had hoped.  Mr. Dave Gilmore (said R'lister) already replied
with one take on my question, but I'd now like to cut/paste said question
here and see what additional insights are generated.

Original question, slightly edited for this presentation:

I recently purchased an 83 300SD, approx 260k miles. Transmission slips on
2-3 shift - but all other shifts are solid and positive, both up and down -
and the 3-2 (edit - corrected from "4-3" which isn't the shift in question,
oops) downshift is also solid. My question is, if only the one shift is bad,
is this likely to be an adjustment issue?  I would expect if clutch pack
wear was involved, other shifts would be off too - in other words, how
likely is it that one clutch pack is toast while the others are totally fine
(my impression is there are separate clutch packs for each gear - this is my
first auto-trans car in quite awhile so please forgive ignorance there)? The
car came with sporadic records (well-documented for a few years at a time,
then nothing for a while), so I'm not sure if anything has been done to the
tranny - another question is, how long should these go before some service
is required - how likely is it that the tranny may have already received
attention at some point?  Finally, if anyone can shed light on how auto
transmissions work/what can be adjusted (pre-electronic trannies that is),
I'd appreciate it much.

Here's Dave's reply to avoid duplication of info:

"Mine does this too when cold.   I have read a K-1 spring kit solves the 
problem and it can be installed while the trans is in the car.  Rusty at 
www.buymbparts.com/ or 800-741-5252 likely can provide it.  When I first 
got my car I changed to Mobile 1 ATF and that almost cured it.  I plan to 
try the K-1 deal next.  Mine has 75,000 on it.

I have read the transmission in these cars usually last about 200,000 miles 
before a rebuild, although some people get more.  The adjustment procedure 
is complicated because of the vacuum interaction.  I suggest a fluid & 
filter change along with careful adjustment to the MB specs before doing 
anything radical.  The adjustment does alter the firmness of all the 
shifts.  That is why I am suspecting the K-1 in our cases."

Oh, and I checked the records I have - the tranny fluid was changed about 7k
miles ago, but no filter - I assume this is just like changing the oil
without changing the filter - basically pointless?  So might be a good place
to start....

Thanks in advance,

88 944 (reasonably good shape, needs a few things)
83 300SD (needs paint on roof, missing a/c, pretty much everything works,
runs strongly)

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