Today we learned that a HS friend of my daughter was burned beyond any recognition after her 2005 Toyota hit a rock pillar at the entrance to a park and then burned. It took them almost a week to find out who it was. There was not enough of the vehicle left to get a VIN from, and the aluminum license plates melted away. The fire was fueled not only by gasoline, but by all the plastic inside and outside the vehicle.

This is a sickening event, and one that is unlikely in our well designed solid old cars. Many of us have been involved in accidents in our Mercedes and walked away. My daughter was T boned in her SL 2 years ago, and walked away. It was the kind of accident that had reportedly caused many lesser vehicles to burn.

Each member of my family has been hit in their Mercedes in the past 4 years. Each has walked or driven away. Fortunately, my last run-in was 23 years ago when the Pinto pulled out into my ol rusty trusty winter 190Dc and was wiped out.

I believe my SDL may be the safest car on the road, if there is such a thing with all the idiots they let drive now.

Drive safe. Friends don't let friends drive Toyotas, ________, _________, .... Or __________! You fill in the blanks.

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