Surely a big part of why the Toyota fire happened is just that it was
a gas car?  That's one big safety advantage of diesel that many people
don't think about---it's combustible, but not inflammable, much less
volatile.  Not saying that MB's aren't safer than other cars, rather
that there's a big fire-safety bonus to driving an oilburner on top of
the inherent crash safety engineered into the car.  (And not to
mention the fact that a 240D is incapable of acquiring enough kinetic
energy to damage itself or anything else in a collision!)

Alex Chamberlain
'87 300D Turbo

On 1/24/06, Loren Faeth <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Today we learned that a HS friend of my daughter was burned beyond any
> recognition after her 2005 Toyota hit a rock  pillar at the entrance to a
> park and then burned.  It took them almost a week to find out who it
> was.  There was not enough of the vehicle left to get a VIN from, and the
> aluminum license plates melted away.  The fire was fueled not only by
> gasoline, but by all the plastic inside and outside the vehicle.
> This is a sickening event, and one that is unlikely in our well designed
> solid old cars.  Many of us have been involved in accidents in our Mercedes
> and walked away.  My daughter was T boned in her SL 2 years ago, and walked
> away.  It was the kind of accident that had reportedly caused many lesser
> vehicles to burn.
> Each member of my family has been hit in their Mercedes in the past 4
> years.  Each has walked or driven away.  Fortunately, my last run-in was 23
> years ago when the Pinto pulled out into my ol rusty trusty winter 190Dc
> and was wiped out.
> I believe my SDL may be the safest car on the road, if there is such a
> thing with all the idiots they let drive now.
> Drive safe.  Friends don't let friends drive Toyotas, ________, _________,
> .... Or __________! You fill in the blanks.
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