Why does your furnace require so much power? Is it an antique or
something special? All electric, no fuel? We have a 1 1/2 year old oil

All-electric.  And, according to a source, currently the _cheapest_
form of utility heating given 4.3c/kWH current rates.  I figure about
$200/month for heat in winter, or about 2x what it would be using a
pellet stove instead.  Firewood, of course, is even cheaper.  We
grow it on our property.

$700-$900/month range. Our boiler, installed was less than $2,000

Just over 2x what I have paid for the generator, which _could_ run
it if I could magically somehow switch it over to 3-phase power
for the outage.  (The magic is in the switching and wiring, I
know exactly how to do it inside the furnace.  It has five big
resistive elements, were I to add a sixth [there's room for eight]
it would make up for dropping to 208V, and would be a perfectly
balanced load.  Anybody know of a source for a nice cheap 6PDT
25A knife switch?)

Every time I ran the numbers my best bet has always been to find
a surplus big honking generator and just live with its excesses.

Even better is _two_, a small 24x7 efficiency unit for 110V
circuits, and the big kahuna hooked to the furnace and started
by the thermostat.

I'm halfway there!  (Modulo wiring and switching.)

-- Jim

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