propane is the best fuel source for me. During hurricane Rita, we in
Houston were not only without power; we could not purchase gas (or

The planet?  (Sorry, I can't ever seem to pass this up.)

diesel). I have a ready supply of natural gas to my house into which I
can tap. I really like Jim's setup. It would work great for me. Now I

Would not natural gas supplies also be disrupted?  Don't they shut
off the feed to prevent fires?

just have to find the old, reliable generator set. Like Jim, most of the
ones that I find are too far away or cost too much. However, I will
prevail eventually.

It took me a couple of years to find mine.  A quick peek shows that
generators are not quite so easy to come by in the South right now.
There's one turbodiesel in Louisiana right now.  Spec-less and only
one photo and it's already up to nearly $700 with a day to go.  It's
probably at least 50kW though.

-- Jim

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