A PIG sort of looks like a BBQ tank but is about 4 feet in diameter and 5
feet tall if I recall correctly. Couldn't really be manhandled much unless
empty maybe.


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> I sort of thought that your propane fuel tanks were a bit on the small
> side.

Bought before I had a true idea of what this thing would eat.  Before
it ran, in other words.

> Do you know what a "pig" is? (and I am not saying your generator is a
> pig -
> I'm talking about propane tanks) You should have a couple of those if
> you
> plan to run that thing anywhere near capacity for any length of time.

Is it the tall BBQ-style tank?  I've been eyeing those at Costco.
You can still manhandle them, and they can be turned over for
liquid feed.  No POV garbage.

> I like the ones powered by the Lister style diesel even better.

Me too!  Maybe someday.

-- Jim

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