David Brodbeck wrote:
> In Michigan you could go broke heating with electricity.

Here's my Michigan perspective:
My parents had a quad level built in 1975 with electric. No
natural gas service, and propane/fuel oil was high at the time.
It wasn't bad at all. Power company estimated a few bills early on,
owed them a refund when they did an actual reading.

Currently, my parents have a large raised ranch that dad built himself.
Propane heat, and they are the propane company's 2nd stingiest customer.
I assume the family that uses less has a much smaller house. Dad is old and
gets chilled easily, so they set the thermostats at 73 F. It's all in the
insulation, you can get farther with good insulation than you can by
turning the heat down to 65 degrees. 

Next house I build is going to be heavy on passive solar features.

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